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Pan-Territorial Adaptation Initiatives

In 2011, Canada’s 3 territories released the Pan-Territorial Adaptation Strategy: Moving Forward on Climate Change Adaptation in Canada’s North. This document describes the challenges and goals of Canada’s territories in addressing climate change. It identifies ways to support current and future climate change adaptation projects in the Canadian Arctic.

The objectives of the Pan-Territorial Adaptation Strategy are to:

  • Source funding for Pan-Territorial adaptation initiatives
  • Collaborate with other governments
  • Support communities with adaptation efforts
  • Integrate adaptation into government operations and decision-making
  • Share knowledge and understanding to promote awareness
  • Develop and share tools, technology and innovation

The territorial governments are committed to working closely with partners at all levels. This includes Aboriginal governments and organizations by sharing climate change adaptation knowledge and developing collaborative activities. Through a collaborative approach, the territories can prepare for the impacts of climate change and ensure all our communities remain resilient to future changes.


For further information about Pan-Territorial initiatives, including renewable energy initiatives, please visit: