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Nunavut Climate Change Partnership

The Nunavut Climate Change Partnership (NCCP) was a collaborative partnership between the Government of Nunavut, Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada, and Natural Reosurces Canada to build capacity for community-level adaptation planning.

The Nunavut Climate Change Partnership (NCCP) was formed in 2008. Entitled "Atuliqtuq: Action and Adaptation in Nunavut" the Partnership’s three main themes are:

• To build capacity for climate change adaptation planning within the Government of Nunavut and communities

• To develop tools to collect, publish, share and communicate climate change adaptation knowledge across the communities of Nunavut and beyond

• To create scientific information that is regionally and locally targeted to help communities adapt to climate change and transfer this capability into Nunavut

The Partnership consisted of four organizations: the Government of Nunavut (GN) (Departments of Environment and Community & Government Services); Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP); Natural Resources Canada (NRCan); and Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC). INAC has provided the funding for the Partnership projects.

The Atuliqtuq Project resulted in climate change adaptation plans for seven Nunavut communities as well as the creation of The Climate Change Adaptation Planning: A Nunavut Toolkit, which was to help the remaining Nunavut communities develop their own adaptation plans, under the guidance of a planner.