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Projets Portant sur les Changements Climatiques

Ce qui se fait et ce que vous pouvez faire pour aider!

Ci-dessous se trouve une liste des projets relatifs aux changements climatiques au Nunavut. Certains sont complétés tandis que d’autres sont toujours en cours et offrent aux résidents une occasion de participer pour aider.

Projets de recherche communautaires

Titre de projet Catégories de projet Date d’affichage Résumé
A Summary of MethylMercury and Climate Change Research in Nunavut Bassin versant, Environnement aquatique, Glace marine et Glace, Météo et Précipitations, Santé et Maladies, Sûreté des aliments 06-27-2016

Mercury (Hg) is a toxic heavy metal that changes into various chemical forms through geochemical processes. It is an element that occurs naturally in the environment but with industrialization, humans have altered its cycle by adding more mercury in the water, air, and soil.

Nunavut Climate Change Partnership Activités traditionnelles, Environnement terrestre, IQ, Patrimoine, Sécurité et Sûreté, Sûreté des aliments, Valorisation des ressources 05-27-2016

The Nunavut Climate Change Partnership (NCCP) was a collaborative partnership between the Government of Nunavut, Aboriginal Affairs and Northern De

Building Capacity to Monitor the Risk of Climate Change on Water Quality and Human Health: A Two Year Journey Expanding Community-Based Leadership in Pond Inlet Bassin versant, Environnement aquatique, Santé et Maladies 01-06-2016

A community project in Pond Inlet. We are a group of 3 young Mittimatalirmiut and we wish to research water quality and develop more skills in research! Access to healthy water is of paramount importance for Mittimatalirmiut. Water is important to keep us alive, sturdy and healthy; and bad water can be harmful for our people- our beloved elders, youth and infants. Water also an important cultural value to our people since many of us are going out on the land in order to provide our family with fresh water, just as our elders used to and they proudly taught us.

Portraits of Resilience: Many Strong Voices Activités traditionnelles, IQ, Météo et Précipitations, Patrimoine, Sûreté des aliments, Température 01-04-2016

Many Strong Voices is an organization that visited the community of Pangnirtung and did a community based Photo Voice type project with the Youth.

Inuit women and environmental change: examining experiences and adaptations in Iqaluit, Nunavut Activités traditionnelles, IQ, Santé et Maladies, Sûreté des aliments 12-17-2015

This is an updated summary of the previous project posted on December 2, 2014  To see the previous summary please visit http://climatechangenunavut.ca/en/project/inuit-women-and-environmental-...

To see the most recent summary please visit http://climatechangenunavut.ca/en/node/3869

Water, mud, and bubbles: Impacts of permafrost degradation on greenhouse gas emissions from Arctic ponds and lakes Environnement aquatique, Pergélisol 12-14-2015

Carbon cycle dynamics in response to permafrost degradation is a ‘hot topic’ in northern research.

Irregular flow of surge-type glaciers Glace marine et Glace, Paysage 11-16-2015

Project title: Irregular flow of surge-type glaciers

Assessing Berries to Monitor Ecological Change: a collaboration with Nunavut Arctic College's Environmental Technology Program Activités traditionnelles, Environnement terrestre, Météo et Précipitations, Paysage, Pergélisol, Plantes 10-20-2015

Students of ETP have been contributing to a multidisciplinary study looking at vegetation response in a warming Arctic context, with a focus on ber

The response of White Glacier to Arctic Warming over the past 55 years Glace marine et Glace, Météo et Précipitations, Paysage 09-21-2015

White Glacier is a 14 km long alpine glacier located on Axel Heiberg Island in the northwest part of Nunavut.

Indigenous Health Adaptation to Climate Change (IHACC) Santé et Maladies 09-16-2015

IHACC is a multi-year, trans-disciplinary, community-based initiative working with remote Indigenous populations in the Peruvian Amazon, Canadian A