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Nunavut Climate Change Adaptation Information Notes:

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A Homeowner's Guide to Permafrost in Nunavut:

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Climate Change Strategies:

Upagiaqtavut: Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation in Nunavut (2011) Inuktitut | English French  

Pan-Territorial Adaptation Strategy (2011) English

Nunavut Climate Change Strategy (2003)  Inuktitut | English


Sector- specific Resource guides:

Sector specific resource guides provide additional information to each sector. They will help northern employees apply climate change to their specific area of work. Download the Resource Guides below!

                          - Nunavut’s Built Infrastructure

                          - Nunavut’s Natural Environment

                          - Nunavut’s Emergency Planning and Extreme Weather

                          - Nunavut’s Health and Culture

                          - Nunavut’s Economy and Competitiveness


Nunavut Climate Change Partnership:

Nunavut Climate Change Partnership Workshop Results (February 15-16, 2011)  English

Atuliqtuq: Climate Change Partnership Backgrounder (2010) English

Climate Change Adaptation Planning: a Nunavut Toolkit (2011) English 


Community Adaptation Plans:

Arviat Community Adaptation Plan Inuktitut | English

Cambridge Bay Community Adaptation Plan English

Clyde River Community Adaptation Plan English

Hall Beach Community Adaptation Plan English

Iqaluit Community Adaptation Plan  English

Kugluktuk Community Adaptation Plan  English | Inuinnaqtun

Whale Cove Community Adaptation Plan  Inuktitut | English



Climate Change Newsletter - Changing Times (2011) Inuktitut | English


Other Government of Nunavut Publications:

Climate Change in Nunavut Backgrounder (2011)  English

Availability of Caribou and Muskoxen for Local Human Consumption across Nunavut (2012) English

Terminology on Climate Change (2005) Inuktitut / Inuinnaqtun / English

Climate Change Adaptaive Capacity within the Government of Nunavut English


Other Publications

Sea-level Projections for Five Pilot Communities of the Nunavut Climate Change Partnership (2011) English

Nunavut Terrain and Soil Analysis as part of the Nunavut Climate Change Partnership (2011) English

Assessing Permafrost Conditions in Support of Climate Change Adaptation in Pangnirtung, Nunavut (2010)  English