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The Pan-Territorial Permafrost Workshop

The Pan-Territorial Permafrost Workshop was hosted in Yellowknife, NWT from Nov 5th-7th 2013 by the Governments of Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut. The Workshop brought together front-line decision makers and permafrost researchers from all three territories to share knowledge, form connections and look at possibilities for adaptation in the future.

Presentations and discussions were organized by themes including landscapes, mapping, built infrastructure, transportation, and oil and gas. Having a strong community focus was the overarching lens of the workshop, and most presentations brought in perspectives from communities on how permafrost information can be incorporated into local, every-day decision making.

The workshop has enhanced knowledge and generated ideas for adaptation that can be applied to infrastructure-related decisions in communities across the North.

For more information, visit the Pan-Territorial Adaptation Partnership's website