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For Educators

Resources for Educators

  • NC3 Climate Change Activity Guides - Climate change focused activities for a range of grade levels. These are the activities that have been used in schools by the Nunavut Climate Change Centre. 

  • Climate Basics - A collection of informative sites with topics related to climate change, the Arctic, Nunavut, and the environment.

  • Lesson Plans and Educational Tools - Lesson plans and educational tools from various jurisdictions. Topics include climate change and the environment, permafrost, and climate change art.


NC3 Climate Change Activity Guides

Activity Guides

Several resource guides have been developed for use with educators. These have been used in schools by the Nunavut Climate Change Centre. Activity booklets include background information, instructions for the activity, and supporting documents. Most activities require around 45 minutes to complete, and can be modified for different age groups. 

Climate Change and Art [Grades 4-5] - A creative, visual arts project for the class.  Inuktitut  | English | French

Weather and Climate Activity [Grades 6 -10] - An outdoor activity that can be used with a wide age range, and requiring minimal supplies and preparation. Inuktitut | English | French

Climate Change Scavenger Hunt [Grades 7-9] - An outdoor scavenger hunt that touches on climate change, the natural environment, and Inuit Qaujumajatuqangit guiding principles. English | French You may wish to use the modifiable scavenger hunt sheets if you are not based in Iqaluit. 

Permafrost Demonstration [Grades 7-9] - Groups are challenged to build a structure and test it on thawing permafrost. Inuktitut | English | French

Sea Level Rise Activity [Grades 4-7] - Groups experiment with on-land ice and sea ice to see which will result in sea level rise English


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Climate Basics

Arctic Climate Modelling Program

Many resources for educators on climate systems such as climate change, greenhouse effect, permafrost, and sea ice.

CAMEL Climate Change

Many resources for background information on climate change, as well as articles, research, news stories. Includes activities for educators. 

Canadian Climate Impacts Scenarios

Provides a variety of climate change information and scenarios for Canadians.

Interactive Sea Ice Graph

An interactive graph showing sea ice extent for the Arctic. It was was developed by the National Snow & Ice Data Center, and is up-to-date. 

Climate Basics

A one page overview of climate, atmosphere, and the greenhouse effect.

Climate Hot Map

An interactive map of climate change impact around the world.

Climate Change Education

A portal focused on education resources for teachers, including a section for Canadian curriculum.

Climate Change

A list of 20 representing different aspects of climate change.

Canadian Climate Impacts Scenarios

Provides a variety of climate change information and scenarios for Canadians.

The Emerging Arctic

An interactive overview of that many factors the Arctic is facing due to climate change. Produced by the US Council on Foreign Relations, it includes photos, graphics, timelines, and videos, as well as an "Educational Resources" section. 

Facts on Arctic Climate Change

Provides a summary on climate change impacts in the Arctic, including vegetation, animals, infrastructure, and people.  Also includes further details and supporting sources for a more in depth look at climate change. 

Facts on Arctic Climate Change: Summary Sheet

An excellent and concise overview of the impacts of climate change. 

Global Carbon Atlas

An interactive site with excellent visuals explaining the carbon cycle on Earth. It takes on a global perspective to climate change and its impacts worldwide over time. 

Green Facts

A good overview of the impacts of climate change on the Arctic. 


Lesson Plans and Educational Tools


Permafrost Activities

Permafrost Demonstration - Developed by the International Polar Year, this lesson includes a significant amount of background information, as well as a classroom demonstration. Short version available here

Permafrost: Hands-on Lessons - A variety of permafrost themed lesson plans for grades K-12. 

Tundra Soils - Explains the soils of the Arctic, and how permafrost is affected by changes.

Climate and the Environment

Canadian Cryospheric Information Network

The CCIN has a great educational and fun online game to educate on topics such as 'Arctic Animals', 'the Inuit people', and 'the cryosphere'.

The Canadian Museum of Nature

Climate change lesson plans and activity ideas for grades 7 – 12, with accompanying presentations and how-to guides for educators. 

Explaining Climate Change

Visualizing and Understanding the Science of Climate Change

A comprehensive resource for educators, which includes lessons, applets, and short videos to explain climate science. Grade levels 10+.  

The Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming

An active activity, designed for elementary schools

Sila: Clue into Climate Change

A Northern Canada centred education resource for students, including activities and quizzes. Features a section for educators.

Quizzes on Climate Change

A variety of climate change based quizzes, with everything from arctic ice information to global warming.

This list will be updated as new resources become available. If you have any resources that you wish to share or that are not listed here, please email us