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Climate Change Links

A round-up of informative sites on climate change, particularly those with information regarding the Canadian north:

Research Websites

Adaptation Library

An online collection of community resources for climate adaptation in Canada, with enhanced search functions. It was developed through the Natural Resources Canada Regional Adaptation Collaborative (RACs) and Tools for Adaptation Programs. 

Association of Polar Early Career Scientists

APECS is an international and interdisciplinary organization for students with interests in Polar Regions.

Arctic Corridors Research
Research conducted on ship-tracking in Arctic Canada, Culturally Significant Marine Areas, and potential management strategies for low impact shipping corridors.

Arctic Report Card
A timely source for clear, reliable and concise environmental information on the state of the Arctic.

Outlines adaptation strategies and policies associated with climate change.

ArcticNet Publications Database
Describes publications from ArcticNet, the Canadian Arctic Shelf Exchange Study (CASES) and the International North Water Polynya Study (NOW).

Canadian Polar Commission
Monitors, promotes and distributes important information about the Polar Regions.

Canadian Network of Northern Research Operators
The Canadian Network of Northern Research Operators (CNNRO) is a forum for operators of the many research facilities scattered across the Canadian Arctic and Subarctic.

David Suzuki Foundation: Climate Change
David Suzuki is well-known for his influential and informative approach to climate change. Find his mitigation initiatives here.

Dr. James Ford Research
Dr. James Ford is a geography professor at McGill University who studies the impact of climate change on the Arctic. 

Environment Canada: Climate Change
Focuses on climate change initiatives related to Canada, and discusses actions the Canadian government is taking towards a changing climate.

Health Canada Climate Change and Health Adaptation Program

Highlights health and climate change projects going on across Canada, and some of the unique collaborations and research initiatives in this sector.      

Northern Climate Exchange
Focuses on the study of climate change in Yukon

Northern Contaminants Program

A summary of research projects funded by the Northern Contaminants Program. 

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration- National Theme Page
Information about climate change related to the Arctic, with real-time and historical data, as well as daily webcam images from the North Pole.

Our Changing Planet:The U.S. Global Change Research Program for Fiscal Year 2015

The U.S. Global Change Research Program coordinates and integrates scientific research to help increase understanding of changes and impacts to the global environment. This report includes links to many useful climate change resources throughout the document.

Ouranos aims to inform the public of climate trends so everyone can develop their own adaptation strategy.


Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit and Traditional Knowledge Sites

Alaska Native Knowledge Network

Alaska Native Perspectives on Weather and Climate

Atlas of Inuit Sea Ice Knowledge and Use
An interactive site centred on work with Baffin Island communities.

Exchange for Local Observations and Knowledge of the Arctic (ELOKA)
ELOKA works tocollect, preserve, share, and use local Arctic knowledge with the purpose of understanding recent environmental change. The Sanikiluaq Sea Ice Project, which involved input from three hunters, resulted in information and maps about changing conditions around this community. 

Inuit Knowledge Project
Part of Dr. Micheline Manseau’s landscape ecology and community knowledge for conservation site.

Inuit Knowledge Online Database Project

Inuit Knowledge Project Podcasts

Traditional Animal Foods of Indigenous Peoples in northern North America
An open-access encyclopedia of more than 500 animal species that are part of traditional food systems.



Arctic Portal 
An information hub with links to many other northern climate change organizations. An interactive map can be used to display flora and fauna distribution, permafrost level, and geographic and political divisions.

Canadian Cryospheric Information Network

The Canadian Cryospheric Information Network (CCIN) and the Polar Data Catalogue (PDC) have been developed over the past two decades through collaborative partnerships between the University of Waterloo and numerous government, university, and private organizations to provide the data and information management infrastructure for the Canadian cryospheric community

National Snow and Ice Data Center
Catalogues and distributes information about snow and ice in the Polar Regions. Regularly updated information about snow, glaciers, sea ice, permafrost, etc. is available.

The Polar Data Catalogue
The Polar Data Catalogue is a database of metadata and data that describes, indexes and provides access to diverse data sets generated by Arctic and Antarctic researchers.



Arctic Biodiversity Trends 2010
The latest reports on trends in the biodiversity of arctic flora and fauna, and findings on various related studies.

Arctic Species Trend Index 
Population data for various arctic animals, detailed with graphs, reports and maps.

Arctic Resilience Report 2016
Overviews responding to changes in the circumpolar Arctic. This report is an Arctic Council project, led by the Stockholm Environment Institute and the Stockholm Resilience Centre.

Canadian Climate Impacts and Adaptation Research Network
This group was created in 2001 to promote climate change impact and adaptation research. The information is divided into geographical regions and economic sectors.

Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Division 
Natural Resources Canada, under the Government of Canada, hosts this site to help with the introduction of the concept of climate change adaptation.

International Polar Year
Focuses on researching the world's Polar Regions. In the most recent International Polar Year studies on changes in snow, sea ice sheets, glaciers were conducted.

Polar Data Catalogue (Database Offline)
This database of research projects and data relating to climate change has geospatial data that allows projects to be located on a map.

Canada's Marine Coasts in a Changing Climate
This report focuses on impacts in coastal areas due to climate change.



Science Daily – Earth and Climate
The Earth and Climate section of Science Daily, a website devoted to delivering the latest developments in science.

Science News – Climate Change
The Climate Change section of the Science News website, which delivers daily articles about science related subjects.


Commonly Used Search Terms

Looking for more resources? Here are some suggested search terms to help you:

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