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A Map and Summary Database of Permafrost Temperatures in Nunavut, Canada

The Geological Survey of Canada has developed a summary database and map of recent permafrost temperatures for Nunavut Canada. The database includes publicly available information from over 100 boreholes.

About 20% of these boreholes are active permafrost thermal monitoring sites maintained by the Geological Survey of Canada and various partners (academic, community, government). Almost 80% of the boreholes were drilled as part of geotechnical investigation programs to support mineral resource development.

Most of the ground temperature data provided are based on measurements made since 2000. The map and database provide regional information on permafrost thermal state that can be incorporated into territorial state of knowledge reports and support engineering design and environmental assessment for resource development projects in Nunavut.


You can download the map and database here:

This report presents the findings of a much longer-term momitoring project