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Youth Committee Members



Jennifer Kilabuk

I joined this committee because I want to help raise awareness on climate change impacts that we face here in Nunavut and globally. I want to support Nunavummiut so that we can work together to combat and adapt to the climate change impacts we are currently experiencing and to prepare our youth for future climate change impacts they will face.

I believe this work is important because Climate Change is happening now and is leading to changed weather patterns, increased temperatures, melting, floods, droughts, storms and disasters. This affects our cultural practices, our food security, our water security, livelihoods and our future for generations to come. As Inuit, it is in our nature and in our traditional values to respect and care for our land, water, environment, animals and people so it is important for me that Inuit voices, perspectives and traditional knowledge is heard when it comes to climate change in Nunavut.



Charlotte Lapôtre

During my youngest ages, I passed my time exploring nature by myself. It’s a place where I’ve always felt accepted, where I can be myself. It’s a space that inspires me, and where imagination has its a place. I shared this passion with my grandfather; he encouraged me to connect with nature. When it came time to choosing studies, I chose the environment, wanting to learn how I can make a difference and be part of a solution. I often felt disappointed in humankind and our lack of action, but deep down, my admiration for the natural world is still there.

With that, I decided to be a part of different groups who have the same concerns, the same passion. I even decided to travel alone for the purpose to know more about myself. I feel very lucky to be part of this committee and have the chance to exchange different ideas and experiences with everyone. It's incredible how much I learn every time through them. For me, it comes back to being part of a group of like-minded environmentalists to come up with creative solutions and take shared action on climate change.




Aislyn Omilgoetok


My name is Aislyn Omilgoetok, and I’m from Cambridge bay. I joined this committee in hopes of reconnecting to nature, and giving back to nature. The land, and ocean is so important to Inuit, because it provides. I was brought up this way, and I wanted to help nature, the same way nature has helped me and my family.





Siku Rojas



Rebecca Simms

What happens to our planet in the next chapter matters. As youth, we play an integral role in the conservation, education, and recognition of the ever-changing climate not only in North America, but globally. The question has evolved generationally from “does climate change exist?” to a truth that instead focuses on “how can we combat climate change?”. This world that we live in now is constantly changing with apparent effects on seasonal weather patterns, unnatural bearings seen throughout natural wildlife, and more. In the North, this is happening at an accelerated rate when compared to more southern provinces.

I am part of this committee to take responsibility and to be part of the necessary change needed to protect our climate. Instead of asking what will they do, I must instead ponder what will we do?

We are the next generation. We will create change. It starts with us.”