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For more information on energy use in your community click on the map above or the list to the right.

Nunavummiut use energy in many different ways. The most common ways we consume energy are by using electricity at home or work, heating our homes in the winter, and driving our vehicles around town or on the land.

Electricity is provided by the Qulliq Energy Corporation, and varies in cost depending on which community you live in and which rate class you belong to. For example, a residential customer in Pangnirtung will pay 65.74 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh), while a commercial customer in Pangnirtung will pay 58.66 cents per kWh. In addition, subsidies are provided to lower the cost of energy. For a full list of community electricity prices, please see Qulliq Energy’s website.

Heating fuel is provided by private corporations in the communities of Iqaluit and Cambridge bay, and by Government of Nunavut contractors in all other communities. The cost of heating fuel is directly related to the cost incurred by the Government of Nunavut in purchasing and transporting the fuel into the territory, thus heating fuel prices will vary by community and customer class.

Similarly, transportation fuels (gasoline, diesel, aviation fuel) are provided by the Government of Nunavut, and its cost is directly related to the bulk purchase and delivery cost. Local contractors such as the in-town gas dispenser are then responsible for distributing the fuel.