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About Us

The Nunavut Climate Change Centre (NC3) is a web-based climate change resource centre intended to provide current climate change information relevant to Nunavummiut. It was developed by the Government of Nunavut’s (GN) Department of Environment.

The NC3 is here to share and distribute climate change knowledge in Nunavut and make information more accessible to the public. It also serves to assist with implementing the objectives set out by the Upagiaqtavut: Setting the Course climate change framework document and to increase national and global awareness of climate change impacts on Nunavut.

The GN established the NC3 in collaboration with Natural Resources Canada and the Nunavut Research Institute, with contributions from various non-government and Inuit organizations.

Climate change is happening to our land. The NC3 seeks to help Nunavummiut become more aware of its impact and learn how to engage and adapt.                                        

About the Logo

The logo contains 3 important elements—air, land, and water—each of which are being severely impacted by the changing climate and hold great importance to Inuit.

In the centre is a sun, morphing into a snowflake, which is reminiscent of Inuit mythology and artistic renderings of natural elements as they change. The sun represents changes and fluctuations in temperature, while the golden yellow of sun was selected to represent the richness of the land, sea, and sky, similar to its representation on the flag of Nunavut.

The snowflake emerging from behind the sun depicts the changes in snow and precipitation. The interaction between the snowflake and sun represent the climate shift – how it snows when the temperature should be warming, and how it’s warm when it should be cold.

The mountain and river represent the glaciers that are melting and receding due to climate change. The frozen seas and lakes are represented by the turquoise colour, which reminds us of the importance of water and ice for accessing hunting grounds and sustaining our communities.