Northern Adaptation Strategy Workshop

Our Changing Land, Our Changing People

Meetings on climate change resilience


The ‘Our Changing Land, Our Changing People:  Building Nunavut’s Climate Resilience’ workshop was hosted to address how Nunavut can become more resilient in light of climate change. The workshop took place in Iqaluit between January 31 and February 2, 2017.

Who Attended?

Nunavummiut from every community across the territory, including Elders, hunters, and youth, shared their knowledge and brought perspectives from their communities on how climate change has and is affecting their lives.

Why is this important?

Inuit culture is rooted in self-sufficiency and sustainability. The Inuit way of life has rapidly changed over the last decades and Nunavut is one of the areas in Canada that is experiencing the greatest impacts from climate change.

The focus of the workshop was looking to the past to build a resilient future. Doing this asks what has made Inuit strong and resilient, and how can this be applied to building additional strengths to deal with future change. The workshop created a space to start a conversation and develop meaningful communication channels between Inuit across Nunavut.

What Happened

Each day featured a panel presentation with a specific group. Elders, women, and youth had the opportunity to present to the participants and share their unique perspectives, challenges, and opportunities they are facing. Hearing from these different perspectives added to the diversity and richness of experiences, knowledge, and ideas brought to the workshop by the community participants.

Day 1 -- THEN: This is where we come from

Participants talked about strengths from the past that made their communities strong. The focus was on the intimate relationship with the environment as one strength that made Inuit adaptable to change and challenges.

Day 2 -- NOW: What is happening today

Participants looked at present challenges and successes within their communities. This day brought forward examples from communities that show how people are dealing with changes.  

Day 3 -- FUTURE: Moving Forward

The final day involved planning for the future. Key questions included what communities need to support positive local change, how to build resilience, and how to become more intimate with the environment.


Discussions, ideas, and recommendations generated from the workshop are feeding directly into the development of the Northern Adaptation Strategy. This strategy is being developed by Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada, and will inform future funding and programs for northern communities. A critical consideration for any strategy developed for Nunavut is including Nunavummiut in the process. Therefore, Inuit must be included in all stages of planning this strategy so that it considers real experiences, local priorities, and community needs. The workshop was hosted by Nunavut Tunngavik Incorporated and The Climate Change Secretariat of the Government of Nunavut, and was supported by the Government of Canada.

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Resources from the Workshop

Presentation Slides

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Inuit Timeline – Qanuijaaqpait

Inuit Cycle

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Break Out Questions

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