Bathurst Inlet and Umingmaktok

With a population of only 19, Bathurst Inlet is best known for the Bathurst Inlet Lodge, a naturalist lodge situated in an old trading post/mission. Visitors to the area usually come to see the spectacular views of the Wilberforce Falls, the highest circumpolar waterfall, as well as the rolling hills, tremendous gorges, beautiful wildflowers and variant wildlife.

Most of the people of Umingmaktok have moved to neighbouring communities, leaving a current population of around ten. However, the area is still visited regularly by hunting groups, naturalists and former residents nostalgic for earlier days.


A territory-wide program focusing on advancing climate change adaptation knowledge and decision-making  on resource development in Nunavut.

The Nunavut Climate Change Partnership (NCCP) was a collaborative partnership between the Government of Nunavut, Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada, and Natural Reosurces Canada to build capacity for community-level adaptation planning.

Addressing climate change and identifying approaches for supporting current and future climate change adaptation projects across the Canadian Arctic.

Mercury (Hg) is a toxic heavy metal that changes into various chemical forms through geochemical processes. It is an element that occurs naturally in the environment but with industrialization, humans have altered its cycle by adding more mercury in the water, air, and soil.

What do your elders and community leaders in Nunavut have to say about changing climate conditions over the years? Do you have images of your region that show the effects of climate change? Submit a community report and add your contribution to our store of knowledge.

Climate warming is driving a rapid transformation of polar ecosystems, and we urgently need to study the vulnerability of seafloor biodiversity to changes that are already underway.

This course informs government staff of climate change impacts and how to incorporate climate change into deision-making across all government sectors.


Tell us about what's happening in and around your community, post pictures and add to our database of Inuit Quajimajatuqangit about climate change


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